Business Model

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24Mth return of 161% / 60Mth return of 200% (*based on 70% Occupancy)

Montaigu de Quercy has become a tourist hub and holds the label Green Station

There is, without doubt, an overriding demand for top-quality accommodation in the area. Willows MDQ will bring a new audience of visitors looking for a higher quality holiday in a premier location, carrying with it financial benefits not only for investors but to the local area as well.

Willows MDQ will provide a range of quality accommodations to fulfill the significant year-round demand currently required in Montague De Quercy. This model has been produced to provide a financial assessment of the construction of a 34 single-story lodge vacation resort.

The business model is based on 100% rental via, Airbnb, and other online booking platforms.

Detailed 10 Year Financial Modelling. Have a look.